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Capturing Moments: 5 Key Steps for an Amazing Family Portrait Session

1. The Right Photographer Matters

The first step towards a successful family portrait session is selecting the right photographer. Your chosen photographer should resonate with your style and vision. Take time to browse through their portfolio, understanding their aesthetic and the emotions they capture. Every photographer has a distinctive style, and finding one that aligns with your family’s essence is key to achieving the perfect portraits. Also find out how they work. Knowing you only have a 20 minute “mini session” can be quite stressful. I make sure to allow extra time for families. If we need to stop and feed the little ones, we absolutely do that! If they need a few minutes to run amuck, we do that too. I never want my clients stressed about time. I want you to remember the amazing time you had that day.

2. Location, Location, Location

Choosing the right location for your family portrait session is key. You might like the idea of nature, but if you or one of your family members is terrified of bees, we should choose a different location.  I love to help you figure out the best location for your family.  Maybe Downtown, overlooking the city, or maybe the most beautiful garden in our area? There is a lot to consider in the Raleigh/Durham area, but I have some fabulous spots that I know you’ll love.

3. Wardrobe Magic: Start with Mom

Planning family outfits can be overwhelming, but we have a secret: start with Mom’s outfit! Mothers often put themselves last, but we believe it’s time to put them in the spotlight. Once Mom’s attire is chosen, we can build a color palette and style that harmonizes the entire family. Worried about wardrobe choices? I’m here to help.  Think of me as a friend.  You can text me a picture of you in your outfits and I can help you decide.  Putting mom in a featured dress or print can anchor the family look.

4. Beyond the Photo: Your Vision, Our Expertise

I get it.  You want to get a Family Portrait done for the holiday cards.  But, what else?  If you have a vision for your portraits, share your aspirations with me.  I can photograph to fulfill your goals.  If I know you are hoping for a new gallery wall, I will make sure to get what you need.  Whether it’s creating stunning wall art for your home or crafting a beautiful leather-bound album, understanding your expectations allows us to tailor the session accordingly. Your desires become our goals, and together, we create tangible memories that can be cherished for generations.

4. Beyond the Photo: Your Vision, Our Expertise

Remember, the essence of a family portrait is to capture the love, joy, and connections within your family. On the day of the photoshoot, let go of perfectionism and stress. Approach the session with an open heart and a relaxed attitude. It’s not about forcing perfect poses or expressions; it’s about embracing the laughter, candid moments, and genuine interactions. As parents, you set the tone for the session – so breathe, have fun, and let your love shine through.

At Frolic & Co. Photography, our goal isn’t just to take pictures; it’s to encapsulate the essence of your family’s story. We believe in capturing the bond that makes your family unique. I want your family to have an amazing time that they will remember every time they glance at their beautiful portrait hanging on the wall.

Remember, it’s not about perfection; it’s about capturing the connection.

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