Dia de Los Muertos Portraits with Frolic & Co. Photography and Laura Hoyos from Paint 2 Smile

Hey friends. Bobbi here from Frolic & Co. Photography with a thrilling announcement. I’m teaming up with the exceptionally talented Laura Hoyos of Paint 2 Smile for Los Muertos Portraits with Frolic & Co. Photography.

Laura’s story is one of passion and connection to her Colombian roots, culminating in a Bachelor’s degree in fine arts with a focus on graphic design and a minor in art history, plus a post-baccalaureate degree in art education. Learn more about Laura here: https://paint2smile.com Her Instagram is: @paint2smile

The best part? Bobbi and Laura are joining forces to create Los Muertos Portraits for a limited time. That’s right. You get custom face painted in Los Muertos or other style and a quick in studio mini session to capture it. We can’t wait to embark on this artistic journey with you!

Visit https://frolicandco.hbportal.co/public/652c953097ca90059b9538fa to get started.

Happy Halloween y’all!

Whether you’re looking for Family Portraits, Senior Portraits, or Branding, I’m here to help. Find me at www.frolicandco.com

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